Room makeover madness.

audrey poster

Isn’t this a beauty? I thought it’d look nice in my room, with the other black and white and sepia posters. 🙂

And I got me a new bookcase from Ikea. My room’s looking a lot neater now, even though I had to make room for the new bookcase by isolating a small cupboard which is now standing in the middle of the room. There’s still a lot of head-scratching to do before I decide how to re-arrange everything else. And my polka dot curtain is back up, fulfilling its job of covering the window. The boyfriend promised me a pink lamp, which I mustn’t forget the next time I’m bringing hell to Earth for the boyfriend (read: another Ikea trip). He gets so bored, and the only thing that helps is apparently shoving plush toys in my face. Oh, the joys of being attached (and having a love affair with the furniture giant).

Assembling the bookcase took a bit of time, during which I felt as if the boyfriend was going to fling a screwdriver at me, if he had one. With regard to this, we don’t make a good pair, when we were done, I realized the bookcase wasn’t standing properly cause the legs weren’t on the correct side, eliciting a long-suffering sigh from the other side of the bookcase and a fair bit of eye-rolling.

Anyhoo, that’s all sorted now. I love my newest acquisition, bringing my total furniture collection to a grand total of one bookcase, assembled exactly like its Ikea twin. And I got queen bedsheets too! At an awesome price, in taupe and pink. Too bad I’m feeling lazy to change the sheets, so I’ll wait till the bf comes over and try to subtly suggest that I’d like to put my new sheets to use. Hahaha.

And I’ve got another huge surprise for the bf. Which he won’t like, since it entails spending my pay, but I’m sure he’ll like since it comes in a pair! The previous surprise was an adorable Wolverine tee from Urban Outfitters, which looks great and fits the way he likes it. Tight.  Here, have a peek.

wolverine hockey tee

I can’t upload pics of surprises here until they’re revealed to him so that’s a bummer, but I guess it’s worth it, just to see the look on his face.

And I have my Matroyshka stickers. Like finally. I got him to buy them for me since the shop that sells them is near his workplace, and I love them to bits! Though I’ve no idea if I’ll be using them anytime soon, but that’s not the point right? My current fixation is anything that has these dolls on them, and so far I’ve got a pouch, and post-its! Whee. And I’m looking to expand the collection, with netbook sleeves with the print on them!

I want my pink Vans with skulls. Hope they go on sale soon or something, so I can wear them out and prevent my feet from getting any darker from all the time I spend in the sun, shuttling from lesson to lesson. Bleah. This job has its perks, like self-proclaimed ten-year-old gangsters and the most adorable batch of pre-primary school kids who always give me impish grins, but I am not loving the effect it has on my skin. My legs are darker and tanned, and I can’t bring myself to wear pants or jeans cause they’re so stuffy and the weather is just too humid to even contemplate covering up, although I’m relishing being able to hoard tons of cardigans and sweaters and hoodies for rainy days. Ha. Though now I’m considering adding a polka-dot brolly to my arsenal since it can come in handy as well.

I’ve updated my netbook with my iTunes library and also my iPod earlier today, so I’m feeling accomplished, with the Ikea trip and all. And now, off to Daiso to get those document trays!


Bedlight For Blue Eyes “Ephemeral Addictions [Live]”

Awesomest song ever. Can’t wait to get it on my iPod touch.

You’re alway my shiny, Mr Booger.


As it is, I’ve been busy for the past few months, moving out and trying to settle into a lovely little room on the other side of the island. So I’ve pretty much neglected this little space of my own on the World Wide Web.

Apart from scrimping and saving to buy clothes, and daily lessons that I’ve got to grit my teeth and bear with, my life has been looking up. Every time I go home (Hougang), I’m reminded that there is a better place, waiting for me. A room with privacy, without six-year-old annoying twits to resist the urge to slap, a big, big bed to lie on, late at night, while I bite the end of my pencil trying to contemplate the workings of the world; the world of numbers famously known as Sudoku.

And I’ve been on pencil-buying sprees (I bought a pencil for left-handers yesterday! *squeals*), and trips to the library every so often, sometimes with the boyfriend in tow.  And I’m loving every minute of it of every day, when I wake up to the smell of freedom (and dirty laundry) in this little haven of mine.

The fasting month is almost over, and I’ll get my boyfriend back. To cuddle with at nights and to hold hands with on dates which take place before seven p.m. I have a yummy little surprise for him up my sleeve, and judging by the time it’s taken for that yummy little surprise to get here, I’ve let half the cat out of the bag, figuratively speaking. I’m almost bursting to tell him what it is, yet all I get is a nonchalant shrug and an air of indifference. Ingrate. Though I must say, a cute one at that.

We’ve survived eighteen months together, well, maybe I should say that HE has, since he’s now helping to pay half my rent, plus a little pocket money for me in between. And I can tell you, he ain’t happy. Though all I get is some grumbling, I know I should spend less. But me being me, I can’t(obviously). And now we have a tattoo fund. Ha. He matches my contributions dollar for dollar, so the more I save, the quicker we get our ink. Yay us!

And and and I got my exam results and I passed the module that I’ve been trying desperately not to flunk (again), so all is fine in Futureland. I’ve got to start reading and making notes, though, and there’s hardly any excuse now for me not to since my books are here already, waiting for me to leaf through them and discover the meaning of existence. Yeah, right.

Even someone as obsessed as I am with books knows that they only nudge you along, and the finality of the last page never promises you enlightenment. Besides, I don’t want to be enlightened. I want to be filthy, stinking rich. But since it doesn’t look like a millionaire might be coming my way, I’m sticking with this sweetie who’s been such a dear. Whom I’ve scared into thinking that he has diabetes. Ha bloody ha. (He even mentioned his toe being a little black.) And there you have it, my dears, the power of suggestion.

And I’m typing all this from my new shiny, yo.

Ain’t she a beauty? And I love her. For being new. And dependable. And shiny. And energy-saving. And for being a present from my biological sugar daddy.

Of course, I’ve ordered handmade netbook sleeves to make sure she stays shiny. They’re gorgeous and, of course, very practical, I must emphasise.  They’ll be arriving in a few weeks, so stay tuned for them!

Oh crappy day.

My laptop is officially fried. It refused my password, preventing me from logging into Windows bloody XP, switches off whenever it feels like it, and I’m now reduced to typing on a pink rubber keyboard. Which DOES NOT have a printscreen key.

What’s that, I hear? The sound of fury? Karma slapping me in the face? I guess so.

All I know is, you’re tired. I wanted to brighten your day. And ended up ruining it. Shot myself in the foot instead.

Happy Father’s Day!

this has to be the fattest baby alive, yet he/she’s able to balance on a palm. 🙂

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Sprite-shampooed hair.

So here are the photos of the flea.

Plus those of yesterday’s date. I spilled Sprite on my cheek, hair, new UO top and new F21 shorts. How careless. And embarrassing. Don’t expect to see the photos of the actual event happening, who actually foresees this kind of thing happening to you when you’re out on a date and everything is going a-okay, right? Right?

I bought tons and tons of stuff recently, among those, new additions to the heap of clothes that I have of basic tanks, plain tees in pastel hues and two vintage bags yesterday. Can’t wait for the upcoming flea @ Home Club so I can hawk my unused, totally brand new adorable babies and make some nice moolah. And take more photos than the last flea.

He’s started work, and we’ve been meeting for dinner the past week. It’s irritating that he stays at the other end of the island now, and I’m still stuck in the middle. Tsk.

coach madison

nixon time teller

Say hello to my new babies. The wristlet is for my fleas, to keep track of cash flow. And the Nixon is as good as mine. HAHA. Ain’t it a beauty? Retro and timeless. And I’m gonna make sure I get it. At any cost.

And I’ve been working my ass off, trying to save up to move out. Hope that’s gonna happen soon. I need to take my Mikalahs out too. They’ve been sulking in their box, and I feel bad.

Holidays are wonderful. You get to overdose on tv, have sleepovers, shop to your heart’s content and spend as much time as possible with the bf. But now that he’s working, I guess not. I’ll spend my weekdays and weekends ogling goodies online. I wanna get my hair straightened. And cut. And looking nice and shiny.

And and I want more stuff from ASOS. Bags and wallets. My bank account is bleeding.

Oh, and I’ve made two new friends online. 🙂 I’m going to miss Sashi terribly, though.

She’s leaving soon. I hate the Land Down Under. Bahhhh.

Feeling frisky and needing a break.

Yay! Exams are over and I have been spending money like crazy 🙂 And looking for new tuition assignments too! Hopefully I’ll be better at saving my money for the next month since it’s the school holidays and I doubt parents would want lessons for their kids during the holidays.

Spent yesterday at Mad Jack’s in hysterics with Abi and Sashi, where our resident author actually gave us a treat. The laughs didn’t stop, and I even brought a document to prove that some people are indeed evolved from boogers, or, as Abi theorised, owned two brain cells. At most. It was fun, and I really enjoyed hanging out with those two. No pictures, though, since none of us brought a camera. And Sashi is a social smoker now. Hmmm. She could have started when we were still going to school together, but it’s ok. She always made sure my smoke breaks weren’t lonely. I’d be smoking, and she’d be inhaling my smoke. Such were the intricacies of our friendship. Hahahahaha.

And and my Loungefly bag finally got here! It’s gorge. And, as usual, I’m already eyeing something else :/

aztec cross body bag

This is so gonna cost me. But love never was free. So yeah. My infidelity continues. Oh, I want my seahorse towel from Old Navy! And loads more stuff. I can’t imagine moving out. It’s gonna be a herculean task, I tell you. What with the amount of clothes that I have. Urgh.

The bf will be collecting my F21 and Zipia loot later on 🙂 Yay! And he’s been nice, accompanying me out to window shop and look for the stuff I need for the upcoming flea market I’ll be taking part in. And now that the exams are over, back to sudoku dates. Yes, Abi, I’m gonna do all the sudoku I want till my brains explode. And he gave me a lot of encouragement during the exans. The bf, not Abi. LOL. Well, so did Abi, but his encouragement was laced with sarcastic comments on my inability to complete essays. Haha.

This year’s exams really took their toll on me. I was exhausted and had to work the day before every paper, so I didn’t really come prepared and cause of that, started hyperventilating in the exam halls. Urgh. And I tried my best to revise for 15 minutes every night, which was about all I could spare after I’d gotten home from work and was trying not to fall asleep. Now I know why exams bum people out.

Woohoo. I’m a free booger. So friends, start asking me out please 🙂 I’m gonna miss Sashi when she leaves in about a month’s time. Dammit. No worries though, Abi and I will gather 500 helium balloons, get our ipods ready and visit you in Australia! I guess I’ll bring my phone too, since I’ll have to tweet about being tortured by Abi’s jokes during our flight there.

I want a pink Coach wristlet! I don’t know if it’s ‘me’, but it’s pretty. Pretty pretty pretty. And I’m guessing I need one for the flea, since I don’t wanna leave my money in a bag, unattended.

I bought sandwich bags yesterday!!!!

But mine are ALL polka-dotted! Yay! Dotty sandwich bags coming my way!

I have to go to the library later to return a book, and then drop by the post office to mail some stuff. And I don’t feel up to it. Plus I’ll have to travel reeeeaaaaaallly far for my second lesson later on. Urghhhhhhhhh.

Okay I’m gonna get some pictures up real soon 🙂 From the previous flea and then some. Toodles.