And all the tears you cried, that called my name.

I still remember.

Those endless walks. We used to chat and laugh and never cared where we’d end up. Bus and train rides listening to songs and doing puzzles. Movie dates and L4D dates. Annies. Webcam sessions. Paper bag date. You fell asleep and ended up with bird poo on your shoulder before the end of the night without either of us noticing it was on your shirt the whole time.

You not turning up the first time cause you were cooking. That still makes me smile.

Borrowed tees. Your V-neck obsession. Spilling sprite on my hair. And then your wardrobe malfunction in the pics. Me wanting something and then you’d surprise me by telling me you wanted to go to the loo. And then coming back with a paper bag 🙂 You getting my size wrong for the Birks and then complaining when I didn’t like the design. I know I’m an ingrate. Lol.

Dragging you to shops, supper at Yew Tee. Same polka dot shoes. Same boat shoes. Same calculator watches. The robot tattoo and how I came to see you to whine about the pain after. Doing my ears and how you used to give me a kiss every time after it was done. You wanted me to be brave and that was my reward. Sleepovers and sneaking out. Chicken chop suppers at Hougang. Chicken rice breakfasts. You forgetting which bus to take to my place every week. Or taking the wrong train home. Or falling asleep in the train and ending up at Jurong East. You drooling on my arm during the train ride. Pretty face, not when you’re asleep in public though.

My birthday surprise. Turning up at the door at midnight just to give me my present. And the card I already found in your bag before you gave it to me. Exploring Iluma and the time you dropped your wallet in the cinema. You sure got an earful from me. Your mum forgetting my name. Your dad nagging bout the last time I slept over.

Holding hands when we were eating. Sleeping. You made me smile every single second I was with you.

Cold windy nights sitting by the Singapore River. Talking bout our next tattoos. I was so fucking happy. Meeting day after day, pinching your ear every time I caught you checking chicks out. Study sessions at Esplanade and Cathay. Endless artsy movies. You dissing Twilight and loving Handsome Suit. Or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Library dates. Coffee dates. You always taking a longer time in the toilet checking your reflection. You carried my bag everywhere, and you never complained. Stealing ciggies from my cigarette case. Teaching me how to do roll-ups. Wonder if I still remember how to. I wonder why you’re late and I end up finding you in the LAN shop, not realizing it was time to meet me. You sulking at Lucky Plaza the first time we ate there. And Cuppage suppers. Your teh chino which they never got right.

You’ve always known what I was feeling. You never left me on my own for a second if you could help it. We never argued. I never had to explain stuff to you, you just somehow got it. You read my heart when it wasn’t readable to anyone else.

Weren’t those awesome times? Thanks. For showing me how it’s done 🙂 I’m sorry if I gave you so many cards. I never knew how potent they could be. Your scrawly handwriting. My leftie. Always.

Hasta el final.


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