2010. Herro.

The first post of the year. Yeah, I know I’ve been slacking on the blog front. Uh, I’ve been too busy?

Earning my moolah and spending it ALL. On Forever 21, no less. I’ve got new socks, jeans, totes,  tops, rings, bracelets, the works. What’s a new year without a new wardrobe, eh? I finally splurged on basic tees! I think I bought twenty. The words ‘too much’ just don’t exist in my dictionary. And if you’re curious, I’m still with the same old ball and chain. Was reading through the older posts and it really seems like forever since I’ve been with the dude (in a good way, of course). Saturday nights spent together killing zombies, or watching late-night movies, or just sitting at Clarke Quay or Arab Street, just dreaming. And soon it’ll be two years. Just like that. Of course, he’s been getting on my nerves lately. Which boyfriend doesn’t? Just that this one is too cute to stay mad at.

I still want my treat though! I’m going to ask every week till you cave in and gimme my calories and cholesterol! Hah.

I need to go and get my netbook fixed. Urgh. I can’t live w/o the damn thing. 😦 And I have to go mailing tomorrow. And I need to go on dates and snap piccies. And hit the town and go shopping. It’s been weeks since I checked out what’s new at my favourite joints.

I’m trying to put aside money this year, with advice from friends and of my own volition. I wanna save up for that elusive rainy day. Now where’s that elusive piggy bank? If only I could envision a life without shopping. Or cigarettes. Or pens. Sigh.

I’ll be a quarter of a century old this year. And what do I have to show for it? A sodding 5 Year Plan. Which isn’t even concrete. And I want my bike licence. NOW.

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus was awesome! If only that really existed. And I love spending quality time with the bf, even though he was shagged from work. Well, for all the effort I put in for his birthday (which he thought was planned badly but who cares, I tried) I hope there’ll be something special for the big annie coming up. Screw Valentine’s Day. I’m learning to choose my battles.

I’m still crazy for owls. New year, old love.


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