Guess my new fave song.

I watched the X’mas special of CSI NY, and I thought this was a really cute song. And that the guy was too good to be a one-time actor. Like he could really sing.  And guess what? They’re a band. Train, for God’s sake.  I could poke my eyes. Really.

The bf is working at F21. Started earlier today 🙂 Awesome. Hopefully he gets free clothes. Or employee discounts, at the very least. Maybe spending time with other chicks will keep him occupied enough for me to start revising.

I ended up lugging cough syrup, bottles of water, a box of Strepsils AND my shopping from BPP and IMM to my lesson at Boon Lay just now. Now my shoulder blades feel so strained. I ended the lesson half an hour later than I should’ve, and I took the wrong bus home. I may or may not be losing my sanity. I can’t decide.

And I drank enough water today to fill an Olympic-sized pool, or so it feels. When I got home, in true Olympic spirit, a 10-metre dash to the loo. I don’t think everyone does that. Get breathless from running while sitting on the toilet seat. Or do they?

I bought stationery. And some storage boxes for all my lined notebooks. They just sit on my table forlornly, from day to day, wondering when they’ll be put to use. And all the while, I just keep buying more and more, in different shapes and sizes. I swear, they’re tempting me. They only appear when I have money, and leerily invite me to leaf through their pages, with tenderness and adoration. What kind of a twisted freak gets turned on by stationery? If I knew, I wouldn’t be the embarrassing owner of a thousand notebooks, letter pads and writing materials that qualify as nonsense to the untrained eye. And to think I just went stationery shopping yesterday. Five pens and three correction tapes. (It was justified because I was making the most of a 20%  discount okayyy. Also, Daddy’s treat for picking out assessment books for the brother who starts Secondary One next year. Plus, I got to keep the change).


I saw a polka dot backpack online! I see. I want. I buy. The three steps to instant gratification. Repeat until broke. Then bug bf to get a job and start pointing at shop displays again.

Speaking of which, say hello to Allison. I hope she’s gonna be my new fave bag. Polka dots line her body! Made from animal-unfriendly leather though, so she’s gonna be a tricky one to take on dates. So I take my bags out on dates. Anything wrong with that? Just the two of us, ogling stationery and other bags. Hee.

I’ve found an old love in my cardboard box full of bags, which I’m lugging around now. She’s awesome too, she never complains, has considerable mass which allows me to stuff every item of possession I tend to carry out with me, made of canvas which means I can stick buttons on her, and is timelessly cute. My first Deux Lux bag. And boy has she stood the test of time.


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