Room makeover madness.

audrey poster

Isn’t this a beauty? I thought it’d look nice in my room, with the other black and white and sepia posters. 🙂

And I got me a new bookcase from Ikea. My room’s looking a lot neater now, even though I had to make room for the new bookcase by isolating a small cupboard which is now standing in the middle of the room. There’s still a lot of head-scratching to do before I decide how to re-arrange everything else. And my polka dot curtain is back up, fulfilling its job of covering the window. The boyfriend promised me a pink lamp, which I mustn’t forget the next time I’m bringing hell to Earth for the boyfriend (read: another Ikea trip). He gets so bored, and the only thing that helps is apparently shoving plush toys in my face. Oh, the joys of being attached (and having a love affair with the furniture giant).

Assembling the bookcase took a bit of time, during which I felt as if the boyfriend was going to fling a screwdriver at me, if he had one. With regard to this, we don’t make a good pair, when we were done, I realized the bookcase wasn’t standing properly cause the legs weren’t on the correct side, eliciting a long-suffering sigh from the other side of the bookcase and a fair bit of eye-rolling.

Anyhoo, that’s all sorted now. I love my newest acquisition, bringing my total furniture collection to a grand total of one bookcase, assembled exactly like its Ikea twin. And I got queen bedsheets too! At an awesome price, in taupe and pink. Too bad I’m feeling lazy to change the sheets, so I’ll wait till the bf comes over and try to subtly suggest that I’d like to put my new sheets to use. Hahaha.

And I’ve got another huge surprise for the bf. Which he won’t like, since it entails spending my pay, but I’m sure he’ll like since it comes in a pair! The previous surprise was an adorable Wolverine tee from Urban Outfitters, which looks great and fits the way he likes it. Tight.  Here, have a peek.

wolverine hockey tee

I can’t upload pics of surprises here until they’re revealed to him so that’s a bummer, but I guess it’s worth it, just to see the look on his face.

And I have my Matroyshka stickers. Like finally. I got him to buy them for me since the shop that sells them is near his workplace, and I love them to bits! Though I’ve no idea if I’ll be using them anytime soon, but that’s not the point right? My current fixation is anything that has these dolls on them, and so far I’ve got a pouch, and post-its! Whee. And I’m looking to expand the collection, with netbook sleeves with the print on them!

I want my pink Vans with skulls. Hope they go on sale soon or something, so I can wear them out and prevent my feet from getting any darker from all the time I spend in the sun, shuttling from lesson to lesson. Bleah. This job has its perks, like self-proclaimed ten-year-old gangsters and the most adorable batch of pre-primary school kids who always give me impish grins, but I am not loving the effect it has on my skin. My legs are darker and tanned, and I can’t bring myself to wear pants or jeans cause they’re so stuffy and the weather is just too humid to even contemplate covering up, although I’m relishing being able to hoard tons of cardigans and sweaters and hoodies for rainy days. Ha. Though now I’m considering adding a polka-dot brolly to my arsenal since it can come in handy as well.

I’ve updated my netbook with my iTunes library and also my iPod earlier today, so I’m feeling accomplished, with the Ikea trip and all. And now, off to Daiso to get those document trays!


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